Center Street BID covers a commercial area on Center Street from 34th to 58th Street. It is located in an area with huge economic strength! This business district has very impressive statistics for businesses looking to start-up, or expand. The Center Street Business Improvement District is an easily accessible community located between four high-traffic thoroughfares & the 30th Street Industrial Corridor.

It has an incredible purchasing power & very high concentration of working families per square mile. Center Street has a strong, organized, diverse community.  It is in the top three zip codes (53210) in Milwaukee for the highest concentration of working families, and is located next to zip code 53206 with the highest purchasing power per square mile in Milwaukee. Center Street zip codes 53210 & 53206 have an estimated $104,000,000 to $116,000,000, respectively, per square mile of annual income solely in the African-American community. The highest in Milwaukee!